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Anolite is a potent EPA registered disinfectant. It is nontoxic & environmentally friendly, quite different than most other powerful disinfectants.


• Nontoxic
• Eco Friendly
• Nonflammable
• Noncombustible
• Inhibits & Removes Biofilms

We are both EPA REGISTERED and FDA APPROVED for food disinfection.

Anolite solutions have been used for the stimulation and enhancement of oil and gas production and to improve the performance of drilling muds.

Water used for the fracturing of oil and gas wells can be treated with anolite solutions to manage bacteria, protecting fracturing fluids and gels, and ensuring polymer and propant performance. Anolite solutions remove scale and slime build-up from pipes, and cooling water systems can be kept free of biomass, improving heat exchange values and eliminating corrosion caused by microbial induced corrosion (MIC). Produced water may be treated before being revised in stimulation fluids or water floods.

Recent data collected from field operations where frac water was treated with anolite, shows that the bacteria levels in the frac water were reduced below the threshold level that would adversely impact stimulation fluids and gels.


• Eco Friendly Fracking Process
• Tank and Pipe Cleaning
• Treatment of Sour Wells
• Remedial Corrosion Solutions
• Waste Water Treatment

Anolite is completely nontoxic as well as being fully biodegradable, it is truly a natural "green" product.

Anolite has been used in the oil patch industry for biofilm control and as a useful biocide. WE ARE EPA REGISTERED.